.NET Core 2.2 will reach End of Life already!

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I am a bit surprised to see the .net core 2.2 end of life Dec 23 2019. I have just upgraded my labs version to 2.2.

This is a perfect example of realities of daily Life of good programmers:no life? , and companies that goes with buzz word tend to be spending more money to be on top of the games, top notch ..money spent on software.

But it ‘s actually good for the market of software development jobs. Thanks to Microsoft!

So, Is this correct? Any specific reasons FOR THE END OF LIFE of core 2.2?

DotNet Core 1.0 and 1.1 were alive for 3 years, and now deprecated.

Dotnet 2.0 was deprecated a while back and was only live for 13 months i believe

Then 2.1 is marked as Long Term Support, and will be live for 3 years, but 2.2 is marked as only live for about 12 months.

Since 3.0 was released in September 23rd then 3.0.1 in November. From there they released Core 3.1 in December 3rd 2019.   I had some companies that always want to follow these path…bad from my opinion
As for the release Cadence this is what Microsoft had to say:

We will publish new major releases of .NET Core on a regular cadence, enabling developers, the community and businesses to plan their road-maps. Beginning with .NET Core 3.1, these releases will happen every November and every other release will be LTS.

The question i have , is it cheaper to stay on .NET Framework. We all know this is mature. Well unless you want to be OS agnostic

If you are starting a new project i strongly recommend you to go directly with 3.1 though. Simply becausethis is a LTS release.

LTS releases are supported for three years after the initial release, meaning you will be safe for the next 3 years.

Happy coding.

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