.NET Core 2.2 will reach End of Life already!

Posted by - December 13, 2019

I am a bit surprised to see the .net core 2.2 end of life Dec 23 2019. I have just upgraded my labs version to 2.2. This is a perfect example of realities of daily Life of good programmers:no life? , and companies that goes with buzz word tend to be spending more money to

String Interpolation in the latest C# language

Posted by - September 20, 2016

Before the release of  C# 6.0, we typically concatenated two or more strings together with  the following methods: static void Main(string[] args) { string firstName = “David”; string lastName = “Z”; Console.WriteLine(“Name : ” + firstName + ” ” + lastName); Console.WriteLine(“Name : {0} {1}”, firstName, lastName); Console.ReadLine(); } With C# 6.0, we have a cleaner

The DotNet Time of Management System give away – AspDotNetTimeTracking

Posted by - July 8, 2016

This month i will be giving away one of my cool  software to any startup or sme (pme) or any other business willing to implement a time tracking system withing their HR environment. But first , you have to know the story behind Aspdotnettimetracking, by Zongotech.  You will know why i have decided to give this