My path to AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Professional

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It has been a while I did not have a chance to write something new. The corona or Covid19 changes many things in people lives.

The 1st wave seems to be controlled and business are re-opening throughout the entire world. Kids are going back to school, while most of us (IT world or programmers) will continue working from Home

In 2019 I had a goal to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associated: Checked

My wish in January 2020 was health and a goal to complete the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional. I have been using many services in aws, at work and also during my spare time with side projects.

I really think it is about time to start the preparation for the exam and I HAVE to pass it before the end of this year.

I will Write article every week to explain what I have done in this process and hopefully this will benefit you.

I believe Expert s someone that repeat the same thing repeatedly: Practice, practice, practice.  A reference to my Project Management teacher at Franklin University back in 08. My next post will be about Week 0 or the prerequisite you will need.      

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