Can Africa benefit from Mentoring?

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In trying to understand these terms used in Western countries, I realize that “Mentorship” existed long before in Africans’ traditions. For example, in Burkina Faso, in the Mossi’s culture, zoushoaba is exactly a form of support offered by an experienced or elderly person (the mentor) to a novice person who thus benefits from his experience and advice (the mentee).

But if this system existed before, why couldn’t the African diaspora contribute to the development of the continent in the fields of entrepreneurship?

Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool also.

A mentor is a guide who can help the mentee to find the right direction and who can help them to develop solutions to career issues.

What can you do to help the younger generation of entrepreneur, programmer, students from your country? Start mentoring!

If there is any benefits of Mentoring, can can africa take advantage of it?

I usually do not write this type of article.

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